Ground Structures offers extensive knowledge and experience for a broad range of foundation solutions including bored reinforced concrete piles, drilled and concreted timber/steel piles, pole foundations, driven piles/pile driving, sheet piling, underpinning, micro piling, temporary retaining of foundations and concrete ground beams.

Utilising a range of excavators up to 33 tonne mounted with pendulum drilling rigs, we are capable of reaching founding depths of 18m for residential, commercial and infrastructure construction. We offer the capability to work in difficult access areas, in a range of geotechnical environments and challenging site conditions. All materials to complete necessary works are provided as required.

We offer the capability of a complete foundation solution, from earthworks and excavation, rock breaking, foundation preparation and construction, to general site works and construction of civil structures. This includes drainage services (soak holes, in-ground tanks), underground services (service trenching), retaining walls, concrete and timber works, timber fencing, driveways, asphalt, steps, paths, decks and car decks.

Irrespective of the foundation solution required, we offer a single source solution which may include piling, construction of retaining walls, slip repairs and stabilisation, site works and civil structures.

Our services include:

  • Bored Reinforced Concrete Piles
  • Drilled and Concreted Timber/Steel Piles
  • Pole Foundations
  • Driven Piles/Pile Driving
  • Sheet Piling
  • Underpinning
  • Micro Piling
  • Temporary Retaining of Foundations
  • Concrete Ground Beams